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Deal Desk: your one-stop-shop

Filter and track all your interactions and save time getting ready for customer meetings or reviewing deals with your manager.


Never miss a key point from a Customer

Rafiki records and transcribes calls, summarizes notes, and analyzes key topics, follow-up, next steps and sync with CRM - so you can spend more time with customer


Win more deals with cross-team collaboration

Use @Mention marketing or support teams to rally them behind your deal so they automatically get notified. Don't miss a beat when they review the key customer snippet.


Focus on the right topics

Rafiki learns from the best reps to automatically recommend topics that can improve your pitch and close better.


Baseline on key pitch metrics

Fine tune your pitch based on the most successful reps. Compare your success with the best calls using key pitch metrics.


Seek feedback and engage with stakeholders

Share snippets or entire recordings. Request comments from and notify key people inside and outside the organization with ease.


Gain visibility from anywhere

Whether you're on your way to a client meeting or working in a coffeeshop, Rafiki's mobile app makes it easy to listen to snippets and constantly improve.