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Enable winner behavior across the board

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Shorten Reps' ramp time

Train new reps quickly by listening to Rafiki's auto-curated recordings of successful calls. Point out key features from the calls so that reps can replicate them.


Measure and monitor effectiveness of enablement

Check score metrics to see how your sales reps improve after AI-based guidance. Ensure that you never let an opportunity slip through.


Spot areas of improvements across team

Figure out which reps are killing it–and which are struggling easily using a data-driven approach to maximize impact.


Monitor sales training

Track your team's adoption on key sales conversation topic metrics across objection handling, positioning, and upselling.


Ensure best practices are being followed

Filter your team's meetings and see how well your reps are pitching.


Guide your team from anywhere

Coach your team from your home, or on the way to work by listening to playlists and providing feedback easily on any device.