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Winning teams know no one sells alone. Bring insights to entire team so they can pull it over the finish line.

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Know what conversational factors make winning sales rep close more

Rafiki AI automatically analyzes and extracts patterns across thousands of calls to show you what topics are being discussed by winning sales rep. Other reps can watch and learn


Analyze topics and trends, find winning patterns

Know what is being said across the various sales rep calls and see trends. Analyze the topics that impacted - won or lost deals, and take action. It could be pricing, specific features, a key competitor mention etc. Let AI do the sifting for you to take action.


Coach reps to bring out their best

It is hard to tell how our conversation behaviors can affect the listener. Provide guidance to the reps on how they can improve their pitch by showing what they could double down on or think about.

Get all the analytics related to your conversations and rep pitches in on one tool.

Self development

Engaging Questions, Next steps, followups, feature mentioned - so many ways for a rep to have a great conversation and take it to the next level. Rafiki AI makes it all possible for a rep to address without any intervention


Measure, Monitor, Predict

Find out if your team will meet the goals based on call metrics such as # of meeting, actively worked on accounts, etc.

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