75% of deals stall at demo. We change that with the #1 Follow Up Module

Only 1 out of 4 demos goes through to conversion! Re-engage prospects effectively with contextual post demo follow-ups
and ensure all your deals close.

Follow up with complete meeting context
TRack your follow-ups and engage interest - RafikiTM

Chat with prospects instantly

Track prospect opens and clicks of follow-up links with alerts. Instantly beging an in-app chat with them to engage them when their interested to accelerate your deal closing.

Chat with prospects at their convenience with alerts for link opens and shares
Follow-up Intelligence

follow up tracking to monitor Pipeline health

Track effective follow-ups of reps to prospects and their interactions. Use follow-up velocity as a reliable pipeline health indicator.

Accelerate demos to deals

Centralize deal information and Stay connected in one place

Build a deal-exclusive repository of meeting snippets, collateral, and deal activity timeline. Centralize deal information and provide context to stakeholders to accelerate their purchase decisions.

Build a deal-exclusive channel accessible to both rep and prospects
Stay close to your ground reality. Never let winnable deals slip

Get alerts On stalled Deals and ghosted Accounts

Keep tabs on if your deals are on track with alerts for stalled deals, ghosted accounts and more. Intervene at the right time to re-engage prospects and put your deals back on track.

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