Sales COaching SOFTWARE

Train your Reps to be Sales Rockstars with a Sales coaching Software

Understand why best closers win more, emulate winning patterns across your team, and build a team of ace-closers.

Leverage Rafiki's in-depth conversation insights to offer personalized coaching at scale.

Get topic and conversation patterns from all your customer facing conversations from Rafiki.
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Monitor sales training
analyze conversations like never before

extract conversation patterns of every rep

Extract the conversation pattern of every rep in your team. Compare reps' conversation patterns against key metrics such as talk-listen ratio, interactivity, question rate, and more to offer personalized coaching to reps.

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Easily analytics across all conversation metrics
Coach consistently

keep your team upto date with changing market trends

Spot competitor mentions, changing market trends, growing customer requirements, and more with Rafiki's configurable serch and alerts. Keep all your teams coached and well-informed so they are never caught by surprise.

get complete visbility into your sales conversations

amplify what's working and fix what's not

Use Rafiki's insights from your sales conversations to spot areas that are working well for each rep and the areas where they need reinforcement. Improve rep win rates by coaching them on high-impact skills.

In depth analytics with topic tracking
Compare meeting to meeting topic sequences and build talk-tracks that win.
Extract topic patterns that win

close more with data-driven topic tracks sequences

Compare the topic discussion sequence of current meeting with successful a one. Unlock conversation structure that works well for you and emulate the structure across your organization to close more deals.

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Follow up with meeting video for context and close more with Rafiki.
Cross the finish line

Don't stop mid-way. See  your deals through

Don't stop with just meeting insights. Use video snippets of key meeting moments for contextual follow-ups post meeting. Capture prospect interest and ensure your deals close though effective post meeting follow-ups

Why You Should Have A Sales Coaching Software?

Onboard new hires faster

help new reps hit their quota from the first month itself

Live Chat with Prospects

bridge the gap between top reps and average ones

Deal Intelligence with Rafiki

double down on what gets the customers talking

Conversation Intelligence

perfect data-backed pitches that helps reps close more

Topic tracks from Rafiki

track rep improvements with meeting to meeting comparison

Conversation intelligence

unlock top potential of every rep with personalized coaching

Scale Your Team Reliably With Rafiki's Coaching Insights

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