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For teams with listening/audio recording. 800 min storage.
1 Free transcription /month


2000 min per month of transcription

Every person in the organization gets access to the full product for easy recording and sharing of meetings, comments, notes etc.

Top Features

  • Limited Audio Recording & Storage
  • Snippet & Share
  • Notes
  • Unlimited Listening and Collaboration
  • Calendar, Conference Call Integration
  • User License, Team Management
  • Free Chrome Extension based recording only
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Zoomium Special

For Zoom Enterprise Users with no dialer needs


No limits on Conference or Dialer

For teams that want unlimited minutes with full-featured Conversation + Revenue Intelligence, Followup with Prospect Chat,  Deal, Coaching and Call Insights

Top Features

  • Unlimited Video Conference + Dialer Meetings
  • Custom Conversation and Revenue Tracking
  • 2-way Sync with CRM
  • Deal Intelligence
  • Coaching Intelligence
  • Market Intelligence
  • Follow up with Prospect Chat Rafiki Special
  • White Glove Support + $2000 Free Setup
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For Large Enterprise teams that want Business Intelligence API's, multi-team customization and in-depth security audit features

Top Features

  • All of Premium Plus
  • API
  • Large Multi-team customizations
  • Advanced Security Settings
  • SOC2 and Compliance audits
  • Custom Integrations
  • Very large scale training and support
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If you have any questions, want to hear about our Enterprise plan, or prefer to explore our plans with an expert, you can chat with our team or sign up for a personalized demo.

Features breakdown by pricing plan

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Free Trial Days

Straightforward pricing. Trial for 14 days with full unlimited access. After trial ends, Choose plans that fit your team(s), or stay in Free plan with limited transcription and storage.

Per User Per Month Cost

Save over 30% with the annual plan.

** - Limited Time Offer for Users with Zoom Enterprise

$25 **/$40
Recording Storage Limits

Rafiki gives you the flexibility to choose a plan according to your needs

* - Audio Only
** - Audio + Video

8000 mins*
Transcriptions Per Month

Purchase different plans for different teams and users. Customer facing teams can record everything worry free, while other team's may need less. Even the Forever Free plan has listening rights to your teams' recordings.

* - Audio Only
** - Audio + Video

2000 mins*
Unlimited **
High Accuracy

Rafiki's state-of-the-art transcript service makes all your meetings searchable, trackable for mentions of your key topics such as your competitors, product features or industry terms

Multi-language / Accent Support

Have a global team? Don't worry! Rafiki can transcribe English, French, Spanish. Supported English Accents include - US, UK, Australia, Canada, India and many more not to mention multiple accents. More coming.

Language Support
License Plans and Admin / Compliance Policies

Setup admin or user permissions with ease just once and Rafiki takes care of the rest

Web Conferencing Tools

One-click integration with web conferencing tools such Zoom, Google Meet and more for high quality video recording

Available only with Chrome Extension for Free version

CRM - Salesforce, Hubspot, Pipedrive, Zoho, Freshworks & More

Get 2-way integration with popular CRMs with a single click setup. Our White Glove support is available to help anytime

Chrome Extension

To record all meetings and follow up with meeting context instantly. Great extension to have handy.

Embedding Contextual Key Moments in Follow-Up

Re-engage your prospects better post demo with video embedded contextual follow ups

Track Prospect forwarded Link Opens And Shares

See how your follow up emails hold up and engage prospect at their convenience with link tracking

Follow up with Live chat with prospect
Secure Chat Channel between Rep And Prospects

Ensure your deals keep moving with automatic setting up of action items after every demo meeting.

Built-in rich Text editor

Edit meeting notes directly within Rafiki

Editable AI generated notes summary by topics

Get editable AI generated meeting notes sorted by topics and sync edits in real-time with the CRM

Notes synced to CRM, mapped to deals

Get 2-way sync in real time with popular CRMs with just a few clicks

View meetings, Video, Transcript, and Topics

Single screen UI that makes reviewing multiple meetings easy. Transcript-Topic toggle button to see key points/trackers of interest

Filter Transcripts By Rep, By Questions

Filter meeting transcripts and video playbacks to include only the rep, the questions, or the customer.

Recording Storage Duration In Years

Rafiki keeps your meeting recordings safe for years

Shareable Meeting Links

Share the recording and transcripts of your calls with people outside your organization with timed expiration.

Comments with @Mentions

Directly notify your team mates by @ mentioning them on Rafiki's comments, with an option to send private comments

Shareable Playlists /Game Tapes

Create meeting snippets in just a few clicks directly from transcript blocks or from video timeline. Share curated playlists of your meetings with your team to improve per rep win rates

Filter or Search for Topic/Tracker

Filter or Search for Topics and/or Trackers across meetings, emails, deals, accounts and notes with Summary and find exactly what you're looking for. Search through the transcripts of all your meetings in seconds

Save search filters and setup recurring alerts

Save search results for review and setup recurring alerts to track specific phrases  or mention of your trackers across calls

Customize Trackers & set up Alerts

Track company or industry specific lingo across calls with customizable trackers and topics and setup alerts

Conversation Metrics

Track talk-listen ratio, interactivity, patience, question rate and more across calls. Measure how well the conversation went with metrics such as talk-listen ratio, interactivity and more
Conversation metrics filtered by deal stage, deal size, account. Learn what gets your prospects ticking. Get conversation metrics by stage, account, and size

Meeting Comparison  EXCLUSIVE

Meeting to meeting topic tracks (including Competitor mentions, and custom trackers) comparison with duration.

‍Shows what topic patterns are followed by successful reps compared to a struggling rep.

Compare topic tracks of any 2 meetings by time, team, rep to build a deal-winning topic sequence.

Customizable Scorecards

Track call metrics across team/rep. Setup customized scorecards to rate every customer call

Conversation Metrics Graphs

Track rep's talk patterns and impact of Topic/Tracker on deal won/lost with Conversation metrics graphs. Compare with reps, across team, duration, time frame etc.
Shows what topic patterns are correlated to deal progression

Deal Drill downs

See the deal communication thread across channels - conference call, Email, Dialer call for at risk accounts and identify before they slip away

Advanced Smart Alerts

Get alerted for deals that are not going well - lack of deal activity, Ghosted accounts, deal risks, revenue churn, closing signals -for one or more reasons and take corrective action

Deal Insights based on Meetings

Meeting activity and metrics tracking with impact across reps, deals won or lost help you find which of your reps are having the most meetings, and the highest deal velocity.

Email & Live Chat Support

We're always here to help you - not that you'll need it! Email us or chat with a product expert from within the app or the website.

White Glove Support

We provide white-glove support, Tracker Setup for teams that need upmarket support round the clock

API Integration & SSO

Get one click login to all your business applications with Single Sign On and SAML.
Whichever plan you chose, Rafiki ensures your data stays yours and yours only


Want SOC2 reports to understand the working and validate the security of Rafiki? We're happy to share the audit reports

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Works with the tools and software you’re  already  using

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White glove support

We've got a team to help your team

Our customer experience team offers a few different levels of service. Whether you have the occasional question or are looking for a dedicated CSM who will be by your side every step of the way—we’ve got you.

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