Best Value for Revenue + Conversation Intelligence

Only pay for active Transcription users. Collaborators are free.

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Every person in the organization gets access to the product for easy sharing of meetings, insights

Key Benefits
  • 3 calls/month
  • Unlimited Audio Storage
  • Snippet & Share
  • Notes
  • Unlimited Listening and Collaboration
  • Calendar, Conference Call Integration
  • User License, Team Management
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AI Meeting Assistant
/user/month billed annually
Pay-As-You-Go: $2/Hour

For individuals and teams who want full-featured AI Transcription, Summarization, Note taking, Meeting Insights

Key Benefits
  • All of FREE PLUS
  • Unlimited Conference Meetings
  • Conversational Topic Tracking
  • Advanced Topic Level Summarization
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Enterprise - API
/user/month billed annually

Advanced data export control with APIs and compliance capabilities for the most security-conscious and Ops driven organizations. Ideal for companies with RevOps, BI, Marketing Ops, DevOps, IT Security etc.

Key Benefits
  • All of PREMIUM Plus
  • Container
  • API
  • Security - Advanced/SOC2 Audit
  • Custom Integrations
  • Okta / OneLogin / ADFS SAML 2.0
  • Active Directory / LDAP Group sync
  • Compliance exports
  • Custom data retention policies
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