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Best in Value Sales enablement platform

Rafiki got you covered with full transcript

Never miss an important point . Use AI transcription to help with better follow up and call prep. Let Rafiki take the grunt work out of syncing to your CRM. Learn together with Peer Coaching and Snippet Sharing.

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Understand full deal context

Find deal risk proactively and improve revenue predictability

Work the deal desk reviews effectively with team. Help team win by using data driven coaching recommendations from Rafiki. Align on risk and opportunities with call reviews.


Measure. Monitor. Feedback. Coach. Improve.

Onboard new team members quickly and build skills quickly using best rep behavior. Demonstrate effectiveness of your enablement programs.

Measure, monitor, coach and improve rep performance
Full visibility into your deal pipeline

Get past fuzzy metrics and get full visibility into deals

With single Deal Desk view, see all customer interactions in one place across all channels, for a single source of truth. Enable easy collaboration and coordination of reviews, with unmitigated view of the entire deal flow.

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Automatic topic tagging across all your customer conversations

Next-Level Deal Pipeline Management

Use Customer voice and Market Intelligence from across all calls, to win more deals. Leverage actionable insights from conversations and customize messaging with product demos.

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Automatic topic tagging across all your customer conversations

Create Battle cards  from Customer interactions

Ue our own customer calls from successful sales cycles to create the ultimate talk tracks for your reps have the most up to date messaging on how you position against your competition.

It’s a classic show-don’t-tell approach, in which reps can listen to actual sales calls from top performers on your team.

Scale Your Team Reliably With Rafiki's Coaching Insights

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