Conversation Intelligence for All Remote Teams

Rafiki gathers intelligence from all conference calls and remote interactions, making collaboration easy.

conversation intelligence for remote teams
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Integrate with workflow tools

Reveal churn risk and opportunities

Identify opportunities for new upsides or retention risks by connecting the intelligence across Customer, Deal and Rep levels.

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Set up roles and permissions

Set Authorized roles and permissions

Manage sensitive customer conversations with flexible roles, permissions, and provisioning that allow you to control how your data is shared.


Integrate with workflow tools

Connect with your CRM, calendar,  conferencing, messaging tools. Leverage robust APIs and BI tools to sync with in-house systems.

Integrate with workflow tools
Security with Rafiki

Military-grade data protection

Valuable customer conversations are isolated and encrypted, then access provisioned. We never use it for any purpose other than to serve the customer.

Get the right alerts and reports with Rafiki

Get the right alerts and reports

Rafiki gives you just the right insight at the right time to help you win deals so that you aren't submerged in hundreds of hours of tape. Uncover new trends and close more deals.

Go Global with Rafiki

Go global

Rafiki's ever-expanding support for multiple accents and languages allows you to expand globally.

Rafiki knows Remote Teams

For more than just Remote Teams

From the first day to every day, teams use Rafiki to get Deal Insights, Follow Up with prospects and close deals faster

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