Raise team Excellence

Rafiki’s Next Gen AI based Smart Call Scoring reviews SDR calls as your would and helps you zoom in when needed saving hours on calls that don't need to be manually reviewed.

Leverage Smart Summaries with key moments, to coach instantly - with 10x more insights  in just minutes.

Ensure SDR follow up on every call with GPT-AI based Smart Followup to boost coverage and engagement.

Reduce variance across your team with Rafiki
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Tailor the right message for the right persona

Tailor Coaching to Each Rep

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Refine Sales Pitches

Analyze the strategies behind your top SDRs' best calls to develop personalized coaching plans.

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Boost Morale and Pipeline

Elevate struggling reps by giving them actionable, success-proven advice, uplifting both confidence and results.

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Targeted Improvement

Focus on specific areas for each rep to improve, ensuring more meaningful progress and a healthier sales pipeline.

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Rafiki Aircall Integration

Track SDR calls your way

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Flexible Tracking

Adjust Rafiki’s AI to focus on the metrics and moments that matter most to your sales process.

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Personalized Dashboards

Create dashboards that give you the information you need at a glance, tailored to your priorities.

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Progress Tracking

Monitor your SDRs' growth and call performance with customizable benchmarks that align with your sales objectives.

Seamless AE Customer Hand off with Rafiki

Seamless AE Customer Hand-Off

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Summarized Call Insights

Quickly access concise, AI-summarized notes to create accurate follow-up emails and hand-offs.

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Seamless Integration

Streamline the customer journey from SDR to AE with easily shareable call snippet displays.

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Enhanced Collaboration

Facilitate better AE preparation with detailed summaries and action items, leading to more successful engagements.


Increase conversions by optimizing Qualification process

Use insights to advance every lead.
‍Align reps with effective qualification practices.
‍Continuously improve lead qualification processes.

Increase conversions by optimizing the qualification process
Collaborate across organization with Rafiki

Collaborate across organization on market changes

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Discover New Trends

Identify emerging objections and pain points quickly through customer call analysis.

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Cross-Functional Sharing

Utilize @Mention to distribute pertinent call snippets, ensuring product and marketing teams have direct access to customer feedback.

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Data-Driven Decisions

Leverage real interaction data to inform and adjust your market strategies for maximum relevance and impact.

Rafiki helps SDR Leaders

For more than just SDR Leaders

From the first day to every day, teams use Rafiki to get Deal Insights, Follow Up with prospects and close deals faster

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