Reduce variance across your team

Analyze your best cold calls and train your team quickly.

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Tailor the right message for the right persona

Increase your pipeline by providing the perfect message for the right persona using the top SDR’s best cold calls for each persona.


Optimize your cold calls

Use Rafiki AI to handle the special cold call needs of your team. Track the progress of the call.


Seamless AE Customer Hand-Off

Quickly create follow-up emails based on the summarized notes from each call. Display snippets for customer hand-off.


Increase conversions by optimizing Qualification process

Confirm that reps are getting provide proper guidance to ensure no opportunities are lost at any stage


Collaborate across organization on market changes

Discover new objections and pain points from customer interactions. Use @Mention to share snippets and real data for product and marketing.

Rafiki helps SDR Leaders

For more than just SDR Leaders

From the first day to every day, teams use Rafiki to get Deal Insights, Follow Up with prospects and close deals faster

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