Military grade encryption with full access control

Completely manage sharing, privacy and collaboration that suits your needs

high grade security with Soc2
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Set up Roles and permissions within your org

Keep them secure and private. Share as needed.

Roles and permissions govern your data. Rafiki provides flexible settings so you can manage the access that suits your business needs.

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Roles based access control with high security

Role Capabilities Access control

Assign who gets what role and automate for easy sharing without losing control.


Set who can see or provide feedback by Team

Make it easy to share within your team and control it when it goes out. Privacy and confidentiality are easy to manage without coming in the way of your team productivity.

Share meetings, snippets and playlists internally and externally
Know what conversation factors make the winning rep close more

Protect feedback or give feedback in safe settings

Rafiki makes it easy to manage your privacy so you can focus on improving your conversational skills.

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Comply with laws in the Region

Comply to laws by region

Different markets and regions have recording laws. Rafiki makes it easy to be compliant.

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