transform sales data into Winning strategy with the most affordable Revenue Intelligence platform

Turn your sales data into insights that win you deals with revenue intelligence.
Build reliable forecasts and hit them every time.

configurable Deal warnings
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Full visibility into your pipeline
Get the truth about your deals

be On top Of your Deals

Gain complete visibility into your team's deal activity. Know who spoke to whom, assess customer engagement levels and zero in on the right selling strategies to keep your deals moving with revenue intelligence.

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Be alerted for ghosted accounts
Never lose a winnable deal again

Spot Deals That are Slipping And Pull them back

Configure warnings for several deal signals that impact outcome and get notified when your deals are slipping. Take corrective action instantly to never lose a winnable deal again.

PUT CRM Updates on auto-pilot

A truth Serum for your CRM

Capture communication across email, meetings, and dialers on your CRM automatically. Put an end to stale and biased data. Load your CRM with the conversation truth right from the source.

Deliver Truth and grow revenue
contextual post demo follow up with Rafiki
Cross the finish line

Don't stop mid-way. See  your deals through

Don't stop with just meeting insights. Use video snippets of key meeting moments for contextual follow-ups post meeting. Capture prospect interest and ensure your deals close though effective post meeting follow-ups

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every rep becomes a superstar
make your forecasts a reality

Build reliable forecasts and ensure you hit them

Stop building forecasts on 'hunches'. Build data-backed, reliable forecasts and robust deal pipelines with winning sales strategies. Grow your revenue predictably.

Why You Need Revenue Intelligence?

monitor your deal pipeline

Get a Centralized view of Deal Activity from all sources

Live Chat with Prospects

Automatically map communication and notes to the relevant Accounts

Deal Intelligence with Rafiki

keep tabs on pipeline health and intervene when needed

Conversation Intelligence

Build data-backed strategies that win you deals

post demo contextual followup

Go Beyond just meetings with contextual Follow-ups

conversation intelligence

Build reliable forecasts and scale predictably

Rafiki is built to enable SMBs grow sustainably

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