Let AI rev up your revenue engine with the #1 Conversation Intelligence Platform

AI has the power to glean insights across all your customer calls and help you increase revenue or reduce churn.
Every single call, follow up email and web conference (new and old) is raw material for Rafiki. AI engine is looking for red flags, trends, improvements and more

#1 conversation and revenue intelligence platform
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Rafiki's AI learns unsupervised

Discover Topics in customer conversations

Rafiki AI see trends, topics, learns your vocabulary, customer patterns and your business and proactively suggests insights with evidence to become your trusted personalized advisor.

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Add trackers to monitor custom keywords of interest in customer conversations

Customize further to your business

Let Rafiki be further customized to learn your competitor names or specific product feature names so that it can connect the dots and share even better revenue increasing insights

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build a winning playbook to create A Players

Identifies churn language and proactively warns for early action. Also identifies upside opportunities for reps to further take advantage of. Identify winning talk patterns of top reps and coach others in less time compared to shadowing live calls.

Detailed topic tracks for every customer call
Automatically generated AI based notes pushed to your CRM

Boost Rep Productivity with AI notes taking

Rafiki AI Engine automatically extracts summarized notes for key topics like Competitors Mentions, Next Steps, Objections,  Questions Asked, and more– for every single call.

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