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Time to bid goodbye to call shadowing and nesting with a Sales Onboarding Software

Get your time ramped up at lightning speed. Let the new hires learn from the best on your team. Traditional onboarding are too slow and dated!

Sales onboarding made easy
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project revenue with certainty with Rafiki

Shadow a full sales cycle in Lightning speed

Your reps learn from the best calls, learn to handle objections in a few hours and not wait for months for a deal to close. You`ll onboard your salespeople in a jiffy with a repeatable process whether one or one hundred new reps.

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Better Objection handling

New team members won’t fumble through objections. They’ll learn how your best reps handle objections, and clone that behavior.

Give your new people real-life examples of common objections and how to close deals


Data-driven guidance into Coachable Moments

Train your new hires with actual sales calls. Get complete visibility into the areas where reps are struggling and equip them with the game tame of the best handle the such scenarios.

Ensure you organization is scaling well with Rafiki

Ensure that your organization is scaling well

Confirm that your team is following conversational best practices and battle-tested sales processes. Invest time to address friction points.

Assess rep performance against best with Rafiki

Assess rep performance against best

Use conversation metrics to improve rep efficiencies and bring your most struggling reps up to par.

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Rafiki helps with easy Sales Onboarding

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