Get twice the insights with Microsoft and Rafiki integration

Rafiki integrates with all of your favorite Microsoft applications such as Teams, Outlook Calendar to deliver in-depth insights for your conversations.

Rafiki supports single sign-on for secure, one-click login into Rafiki and your corresponding workspace applications

Meeting Intelligence elevated to the next level 🚀

Rafiki Microsoft Integration

Get Complete Insights for all your Microsoft Teams Calls

Conversation analysis for every Microsoft Teams meeting — powered by AI

Seamless Integration 🤝
Effortless Meeting Capture 🎥
Deep Insights  💡
Boost Productivity 🚀  
Unified Experience 🔗
Elevate Your Meetings 🌟

Enhance Your Meeting Intelligence with Rafiki + MS Teams

Streamline Collaboration Across Pre-sales, Sales, and Success Teams
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Track all customer interactions from anywhere

Meetings by date and time in Rafiki

Rafiki integrates with your Outlook calendar to pick up your upcoming meetings and is ready to record right from the second your meeting gets underway with your favorite conference call provider.

In addition to your meetings, your team meetings, meeting transcripts, and the meeting videos are all available for searching, sorting, and analysis in an easy-to-understand 3 pane view.

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Power of AI for all your calls

Get the power of AI in all your meetings

Rafiki’s integration with Microsoft Teams (our Notetaker joins calls) enables you to leverage its state-of-the-art AI engine to automatically record, accurately transcribe, extract topics and analyze all of the meetings happening on Teams.

Automatically sync call notes/summary to your CRM Deal/Account. Save 5+ hours/week of manual note-taking.

Compare meetings across time, and across reps. Extract talk listen-ratio, interactivity, longest monologue, and other conversation factors for all meetings, and see whether you and your team are having good conversations.


One-click login

Rafiki leverages not only the front-end applications of the Microsoft but also the single sign-on capabilities it offers.

Use your business email powered by Microsoft to sign-up and log into Rafiki securely with just a click after enabling single sign-on.

No more remembering multiple passwords for multiple applications. Bye-bye password fatigue. Hello convenience.

Rafiki Microsoft Integration
customized coaching

The power of Microsoft Teams, Outlook Calendar, and AI together

Rafiki’s tight integration with Microsoft applications, allows you to focus on delivering a stellar customer experience and not worry about penning down your observations and notes while on the call.

Come back to Rafiki and review all your meetings or even specific portions of selected meetings in a matter of minutes to gather insights that impact revenue.

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