Replicate successful models

Emulate winning patterns across your sales organization to hit a consistent quota.

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Uncover opportunities and risks ahead of time

Rafiki's Deal Desk provides one unified view through conversations happening real-time and alerts you proactively.


Orchestrate at the team, deal and customer level

Sift through thousands of calls with ease and slice and dice insights instantly.


Customized Coaching Recommendations for each Rep

AI-driven analysis identifies which reps are struggling and provides customized coaching recommendations. Preview the suggestions so you can keep your team at the top of its game.


No one sells alone. Get team to collaborate and learn from each other effortlessly

Provide peer coaching, tape reviews, share playlist, snippets and encourage collaboration.


Focus on what matters

Let Rafiki’s AI do the heavy lifting with key analytics on deals. Spend more time on deals that need your guidance.


Track deals from anywhere

Listen to calls on mobile devices and quickly set up playlists or add snippets for later review.

Rafiki knows Frontline Managers

For more than just Frontline Managers

See how these teams put Rafiki to work to create a system that’s more powerful than the sum of its parts. A culture of knowledge, if you will.

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