Foresee Churn Risk and Upside Opportunity

Build predictable revenue streams with confidence.

Foresee churn risks and opportunities
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Understand full deal context

Understand the Full Deal Context

Capture all calls and discussions and get a single source of truth to get a complete picture.  Share with AEs, SDRs, and Customer Success to get complete alignment.


Best Deal Conversations Search Engine

Use free form search or fine tunable filters to slice and dice into any conversational topic, at any stage or any other factors, aggregated or drilled into, for 100% clarity. Miss Nothing.

Universal search to sift through all customer calls
Understand full deal context

Decrease churn and increase win rate

Deal Desk gives you a clear picture of what is going on in your accounts. Know exactly if the reps are handling the objections, engaging with multiple stakeholders and at the senior levels, and having the right discussions.

Set up search filters with Alerts and be notified

Proactively focus on what matter most

Rafiki AI automatically points our deal risks and upside opportunities so you and your team can hone in on fewer things and focus better to maximize your revenue potential

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