Most affordable, easy to use Sales Engagement Platform

Build predictable revenue streams with confidence.

Rafiki's Deal Desk gives you a clear picture of what is going on in your accounts. Know exactly if the reps are handling the objections, engaging with multiple stakeholders and at the senior levels, and having the right discussions.

be automatically alerted on ghosted accounts
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complete visibility into your pipeline

Understand the Full Deal Context

Capture all calls and discussions and get a single source of truth to get a complete picture.  Share with AEs, SDRs, and Customer Success to get complete alignment.

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Best Deal Conversations Search Engine

Use free form search or fine tunable filters to slice and dice into any conversational topic, at any stage or any other factors, aggregated or drilled into, for 100% clarity. Miss Nothing.

Universal search to sift through all customer calls

Closing Deals has never been this easy or this affordable

post demo contextual followup

Go from Demo to Deal closes in days

Don't leave deals hanging at demos. Use Rafiki's exclusive post demo follow up module to close accelerate deal closes after demos.

Live Chat with Prospects

Close when prospects are interested

Instantly engage prospects in an in-app chat when they open or share your snippet links to capture their interest at their convenience.

Deal Intelligence with Rafiki

Nip Deal problems in the Bud

Avoid last minute jerks from your deal results. Rafiki's deal warnings help you stay in complete control of your deal pipeline progress.

Conversation Intelligence

Coach Your Team to be 'A'-players

Spot deal-winning conversation patterns from your calls and build coaching playbooks that work.

Topic tracks from Rafiki

Search across your calls, deals, and notes

Find exactly what you're looking for it seconds with powerful universal topic-search across your Rafiki data.

Best in Value conversation intelligence platform

Best in value conversation intelligence

A powerful conversation intelligence platform that offers enterprise-grade features at an SMB-price.

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