#1 in Value for Conversation Intelligence

Rafiki is built for startups: affordable, easy to use, high performing, full-featured, conversational intelligence.

#1 in Value for conversation intelligence
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Find product market fit faster

Find Product-Market Fit quicker

Every sales conversation is crucial to nailing product-market fit and survival.

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Get full visibility into every conversation

Full visibility into every conversation

Track across every conversation as your startup depends on it. Founders need to know what's going on as they scale. Rafiki brings you closer to the customer with every conversation.


One source of Customer Truth

Bring real interaction with Customers to marketing, revenue, success and product organizations to break false notions on what customers are saying.

Rafiki your source for customer truth

Know your customer by their voice

Track adherence to best practices and your sales processes in a glance. Confirm that the team is following what you know to be the right scalable way. Invest time accordingly on fixing where needed.

know your customer by their voice
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Handle objections the right away

Replicate top performers

Understands what top performers do, what topics they focus on, and how they handle objections. Propagate that method to all team members to scale your organization.

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AI based automatic topic tagging in customer conversations

Let Rafiki's State-of-the-art AI do its magic

Rafiki's proprietary algorithms built with years of data and experience by experts in the field automatically learns your business terms, product lingo and sales process without manual customization.

Rafiki knows Startups

For more than just Startups

See how these teams put Rafiki to work to create a system that’s more powerful than the sum of its parts. A culture of process, if you will.

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