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Conversation Intelligence for Remote Teams
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Track all customer interactions from anywhere

Forget Fear of Missing Out

Rafiki keeps you in the look without you breaking a sweat, where ever you are. Enjoy your outing while still being on top of things with giving coaching feedback or prepping for an upcoming meeting.

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Get topic and conversation patterns from all your customer facing conversations from Rafiki.

One stop shop view

Dashboard gives you quick synopsis on your team activity, key deals and calls that need your attention - whether it be churn signal, upside or a competitor mention.


Quick review of key moments

Don't waste time listening to the entire call. Instead quickly listen to the snippets of key moments at high speed when you are on the go. Save time. Yet be informed.

Review key moments easily
understand how market changes are affecting your customers

Motivate your team

Show how much you care by commenting on key moments to leave a word of praise. Do it right after the call is over, when you get an alert. Takes only few seconds to show you care.

Tailor the right message for the right persona

360 degree and in-depth contextual view

Track the timeline on how the conversations evolved across multiple calls on key topics for a given deal. So how the deal closing chances improved or worsened. Take necessary action with this information.

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Provide structure feedback with scorecards

Formal feedback with score cards

Provide scorecards to help baseline reviews. Request feedback on calls when you are on the go from a colleague. Collaborative improvement has never been this easy.

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